There are fundamental laws in the universe
that govern the workings of all things.
You can learn how to harness the immense power
of these laws to supercharge your productivity,
creativity, and life energy; deepen relationships
with your spouse, friends, and family;
banish all forms of limitation, negativity, fear,
and stress; and realize a permanent success far
beyond your imagination.

Dear Friend,

Hidden deep within you is an unstoppable power.

Unstoppable in relationships. Unstoppable in business. Unstoppable in revelation.

This power is so extraordinary that even just a brief glimpse of its infinite potential reveals the possibility of touching the stars themselves. Its stirring inspires us to create...to learn...to change as we must to realize the purpose of our own being.

The barriers that presently keep us from the success we seek — limitation, discouragement, bad luck — hold no real authority over this unclaimed gift. When we awaken to its higher possibilities, there is literally nothing that can stand in our way.

And while these claims may sound too good to be true, let me assure you they are understated, if anything. One could literally fill pages and pages with the extraordinary benefits of the unstoppable life — and the words would still pale in comparison to the real possibilities.

However, as with all things that seem too good to be true, there is a catch.....There is a reason why most people don't know — and will never know — the reality of this extraordinary inner-strength:

Most people are content with their life "as is." And those content with "life as usual" can never realize their full potential for this one reason: they have ceased to nourish the secret part of themselves that has the power to develop their true potential.

If you are one of the rare few who are NOT content with "life as usual," and you long to better yourself, your loved ones, and the world at large, this message was meant just for you.

The secret of being unstoppable is only revealed to human beings who long to go beyond who they have been...it is reserved for those rare individuals who are weary of limitation, and who instinctively know — deep down inside their heart — that they were meant for an ever-expanding life filled with Authentic Success, Peace, Love, Mystery, and Freedom.

This is your opportunity to learn about an
entirely new way to approach success.

This is your opportunity to learn about the
Extraordinary, Unstoppable Life.

In his empowering new audio program Secrets of Being Unstoppable, Amazon.com #1 best-selling author Guy Finley will lead you, step by step, to a new understanding of how you can make a permanent connection with a deep, renewable well of higher energy hidden within you.

Guy Finley's Self-Mastery Course, Secrets of Being Unstoppable

This amazing program is different from anything you've ever seen or heard of before. It has nothing to do with positive thinking, goal setting, visualization, overcoming people or events with psychological powers, or gaining an advantage at the expense of anyone or anything else. It's much better than all of these temporary success techniques. Once you learn the simple and elegant power principles in this program, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Just look at the grateful feedback we've received from people all around the world:

  • "The single greatest discovery of my life..."

    I have been around the world and back again on the spirituality circuit and I took something positive from each and every phase but The Secrets of Being Unstoppable is the stopping point for me. I will listen to these CDs until I breathe my last breath. If there is such a thing as "the answer" to life's mysteries these CDs are it.

    I worked my way to CD #5, The Power to Let Go and Live in the Now. The single greatest experience of my life. A million thanks to Guy and his supporting cast. I am on my way home.

    Nelson M.
    Cortlandt Manor, NY

  • "... this is the clearest, most thrilling course I've ever heard..."

    I think these 16 CDs are the best value I've ever come across in decades of seeking for answers. My wife died a year ago and I've tried a thousand ways to console myself and fill the emptiness, [...] but this is the clearest, most thrilling (and entertaining) Course I have ever heard or read. I ain't there yet but at last I KNOW I'm looking in the right direction.

    Peter G.
    Harleston Norfolk, United Kingdom

  • "... radically different from the 'push to succeed'..."

    Thank you for the instructions and information you have put into Secrets of Being Unstoppable. They haven't just helped me through a difficult time - they've given me a path to have a life that is radically different from the "push to succeed" that has characterized my life to date. A heartfelt thank you to Guy Finley and to everybody that has made this information available!!

    Lola G.
    Palm Desert, CA

  • "... PRICELESS!"

    I have purchased the Secrets of Being Unstoppable MP3 downloads from your website. I have loaded the files to my memory stick and listen EVERYDAY on my 35-minute ride to and from work. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and consider the value PRICELESS!

    Stephen S.
    Fall River, MA

That's Impressive Feedback...
How Do I Order This Program?

In the first 60 minutes of the program alone, you will learn these secrets of being unstoppable:

  • The four steps to break through any barrier
  • The defining traits of an unstoppable human being
  • How to turn adversity into a powerful source of strength
  • How to use awareness of yourself to take charge of your surroundings
  • How to learn more, with less effort, in less time
  • How to awaken new-found stores of life energy within you!

And that's just the beginning!

Did you know that nothing in this world is supposed to have power over you?


Just as an eagle is born to know the boundless freedom of the open skies, so too are you — as a human being — created to claim the unending freedom of your own higher consciousness.

No person, no situation, no thought or feeling — not even money problems or poor health — is meant to hold you back from realizing AUTHENTIC SUCCESS in ANY moment of your life.

I realize that this type of "supreme command" over yourself might sound strange — even fantastic — but it is a REAL possibility once you learn the techniques described in Secrets of Being Unstoppable.

As you'll learn, the key to turning these possibilities into realities lies in discovering, and applying, a special type of knowledge hidden from the masses down through the ages. These "secrets" enable you to unlock enormous amounts of new life energy lying latent in your mind and heart. And, in turn, this new life energy empowers those who realize its potential to command the moment and effortlessly dispel ANY gathering darkness.

Some people dismiss these miraculous possibilities
as "impossible," but they are actually governed
by one of the most basic laws of physics:

In our universe, energy cannot be created or destroyed — but it can be transformed.

Our sun is a perfect example; it transforms low and basic types of energy (like hydrogen and helium atoms) into a virtually limitless supply of light — the very highest form of energy in the universe. This "miracle" is accomplished through the amazing, but very real process of stellar fusion.

In much the same way, an actual process of spiritual fusion can take place inside of you. As you begin to tap the well of Spiritual Power inside your mind and heart, it seamlessly transforms problems and negativities into higher and higher forms of Light Energy.


  • Stress becomes Productivity
  • Worry becomes Awareness
  • Regret becomes Inspiration
  • Conflict becomes Compassion
  • Fear becomes Self-Command

Walk with the great masters, sages, and saints who used their lives to realize the unstoppable spiritual power that is the same as your own Higher Self!

One of the great secrets of the Unstoppable Life
is that you can't help someone else without
helping yourself at the same time. It's impossible!

And this point goes right to the heart of how the Unstoppable ideas in this program can help elevate every relationship in your life.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how good a relationship is, it always seems like there's some sort of issue to "work on" — some sort of compromise to make?

Isn't that strange, especially considering that we spend such a large portion of our life relating to other people? You'd think that after 30, 40, 50 or even 70 years we'd finally master the skills required to have permanently harmonious relationships!

It's downright crazy! But it doesn't have to be...

There is a way — using the techniques revealed in Secrets of Being Unstoppable — that you can learn to have higher, happier interactions with everyone you meet.

And, at the same time, spend every day deepening and expanding the close relationships you've been given.

This new approach to our relationships with other people involves a simple, yet profound shift in the way we think that enables us to awaken the exalted, effortless Love that exists deep down in our hearts.

The new understanding that makes this type of higher Love possible is rooted in the timeless principle that Love itself, and not the object of Love, is actually what we are meant to seek as human beings.

As this principle begins to turn from an idea in our head into an understanding in our heart, Love herself becomes our companion and teacher in every interaction we face throughout life.

We begin to learn that human relationships are not just things to extract temporary sensational feelings from, but are rather meant to be mirrors for learning about ourselves, and others.

In this way, it becomes possible for both parties to receive more from a relationship than either brings to it. This is where true miracles start to happen:

  • Conversations go deeper; silence becomes powerful
  • Our communication skills naturally grow stronger
  • We learn how to properly resolve conflict
  • We stop being dependent on others for our sense of well-being
  • Anger and fear fall away because we stop trying to control others
  • We see and set free harmful enabling patterns in our relationships
  • Difficult situations help liberate us, instead of holding us captive
  • We help change the world as we are no longer a part of its conflict

Relationships aren't supposed to be boring,
difficult, or distant. They're supposed to be
peaceful, rewarding, and fun!

You will learn all about the wisdom that is the gateway to this higher form of love in talk number three of Secrets of Being Unstoppable. This talk is entitled Secrets of Happier, Higher Human Relationships, and is a can't-miss for anyone who longs for the higher life because unless you live in a cave in the Himalayas, you are going to have to relate with other people!

This point brings me to another "Big Idea"
in the Secrets of Being Unstoppable program.

On the path to self-realization, there are big ideas, and then there are BIG IDEAS.

For instance, achieving authentic success and having harmonious relationships are big ideas; but there are even bigger ideas that stand behind them, powers that make such achievements possible to attain. These bigger ideas represent the brightest, most empowering forces in our universe: Peace, Wisdom, Love, and Freedom...just to name a few.

But there is one idea, one living power so encompassing — so fundamental and important — that it goes virtually unnoticed by everyone who lives within it, much as a great blue whale swims through the open seas without ever realizing its body is supported by the ocean in which it lives.

In the history of true higher teachings, this one principle sits higher and runs deeper than all others. Every prophet, every true saint or enlightened master, every illumined manuscript — from the East and the West — points to this one all-encompassing principle as being the secret gateway to the Greater Life:

The Eternally Perfect Now.

The Now is the gateway to Creativity. It is the home of Peace and is where Love lives.

If, as human beings, we are to answer the call within us to perfect ourselves and the world around us — if we are ever to realize a direct and personal relationship with Authentic Success — then we must take a mandatory step in our own inner-evolution: we must learn to live in (and participate with) the ever-unfolding and ever-new Present Moment.

Being conscious of ourselves in the Present Moment is the key to all things good, not just because of the better choices we can make for ourselves (because we can see more possibilities) — but because the more awake we are in the Now, the less likely we are to allow ourselves to be negatively compromised by our own past. Our relationships grow, because we do; confidence increases, because we make fewer mistakes in our awakened state. Being grounded in the Present Moment empowers us to stand in a world where the waves of troubled thoughts and feelings can no longer reach us to wash us away.

If learning to live in the Present Moment
sounds wonderful, that's because it is.

And we are meant to know
all of its wonders, and more.

But there's a problem:

We weren't born knowing how to live in the Now. Once we outgrew the simple joy of just being a small child, we forgot what real joy is; and our parents couldn't tell us how to regain that precious sense of freedom, because they too had fallen asleep to its presence within them. And, of course, we were never taught about it in school.

But, just as we can learn to ride a bike, or to read, or to use a computer, so can we learn to develop the inner ability to possess our attention and place it on any of the many wonder-filled facets of the Present Moment. This is exactly what you'll learn when you listen to talk number five of the Secrets of Being Unstoppable program.

And the best thing about developing new inner abilities like the ability to be present to the moment is that you don't have to toil for years and years to get results. The unique ideas and insights described in Secrets of Being Unstoppable can literally be put to use the moment you hear them!

Here are just a few of the empowering ideas you'll find in this talk:

  • How to increase your level of spiritual freedom
  • The keys to claiming your celestial birthright
  • What the Wise Ones want us to know about the Now
  • Ten words to help you let go of ANY negative state
  • Seven simple exercises to invite the Extraordinary Life
  • Plus A LOT more!

I Don't Need to Hear More...
I'd Like to Order Right Away!

  • "What a gift this is..."

    Not only did my stress disappear I started feeling WONDERFUL. So far on my journey, this is the most valuable lesson. I feel as though a door has opened that I've been pounding on for years, perhaps lifetimes. Just in one day the difference is already amazing. I've committed myself to remain awake at all times and people smile at me everywhere I go, speak and say hello. They can SEE, sense and FEEL what's going on inside me. What a gift this is.

    Lauren R.
    Asheville, NC

  • "There's a transformation going on inside of me I can't begin to explain..."

    First of all I thank God for allowing me to stumble upon your website and wisdom. I have been crying out for some time for God to teach me how to let go of the pain of my past as well as my present. And the transformation truly began as I started listening to your wisdom nuggets and lessons. The Secrets of Being Unstoppable has been life-changing for me. There is a transformation going on inside of me that I can't begin to explain that is a cleansing and at times overwhelming.

    Leta C.
    Norcross, GA

  • "...has helped millions ..."

    Guy Finley has helped millions live fuller, more peaceable lives.

    Barnes & Noble Booksellers

This next idea is so "over the top"
that I didn't believe it was even possible
when I first heard about it:

It is possible to relax your way to the authentically rich, success-filled life I've been describing.

Yes, you heard that right. You don't have to stress your way to an inwardly richer life. You don't have to compromise yourself to get there. You don't even have to struggle to get there. You can relax your way to an authentically richer life!

And you will learn how to do just that in talk number nine of the Secrets of Being Unstoppable program.

Here's why this improbable idea works:

There is an undetected lie that has been propagated on this earth for many thousands of years.

This lie is so big, and so widespread, that almost every person on earth is caught in the web of its deception EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Fortunately, you can learn to recognize and walk away from this lie. And for this discovery enjoy more fun, freedom, and relaxation than most people can even dream of.

Here's the lie:

We have been taught — from a very early age — to shoulder a whole host of needless responsibilities!

In particular, there are Eight Great False Responsibilities that we have been tricked into accepting as our own. These false responsibilities drain our vital life forces and leave us with very little energy to meet life with. This is the reason why so many of us always feel tired and stressed these days, even though we work hard and try our best to stay ahead of the curve.

We must learn to recognize, and then consciously drop the burden of these eight false masters in order to reclaim the energy we need to fill our lives with what is truly important.

All great things that we are capable of as human beings require our time and energy. True Love requires our energy to flower. Friendship requires our energy to strengthen itself. Creativity requires our energy to be actualized. Excellence requires our energy in order to achieve it.

But when our time and energy are wasted carrying burdens that aren't our own, we are kept from living a naturally expansive, creative, and carefree life.

The reason we don't recognize these dark weights of the mass consciousness is because they are so tightly integrated into the fabric of socialized behavior.

For example, in today's world it is considered "normal" to get stressed when we have too much to do, or to rush around getting things done. But, in reality, these dark states are not "normal." By listening to talk number ten of the Secrets of Being Unstoppable program, you will learn that they are the punishing effect of carrying around false responsibility #4. Just as:

  • Worrying about upcoming situations or events is an effect of carrying false responsibility #3.
  • A huge number of relationship problems are an effect of carrying false responsibility #5.
  • Feeling like we haven't accomplished enough during our day (or in our life!) is an effect of carrying false responsibility #6.
  • Harboring guilt or regret is an effect of carrying false responsibility #8.

The happy result of dropping these self-wrecking responsibilities is less stress, more energy, and more time to fulfill your aspirations for an authentically richer life.

So far, we've been talking about some of the great big ideas that lead to the Unstoppable life. But these ideas don't mean anything unless we learn how to put them into practice!

And in the Secrets of Being Unstoppable program
you will learn how to do just that.

Consider this:

Have you ever met someone who knew A LOT about self-development and who could spout a bunch of spiritual ideas — but whose own life was a mess?

What about someone quick to give dieting or healing advice to other people, but who was far from the model of good health?

Did you know that the divorce rate among psychologists and psychiatrists is over 50% — much higher than the national average?

How does this happen?

How is it possible that people can know something so completely in their heads, but be powerless to apply it in their own lives?

The answer to this simple question is the topic of talk number 15 in the Secrets of Being Unstoppable audio program:

Thinking is NOT the same as doing!

As human beings, we have the marvelous capacity to think about and imagine what is true and good. We can easily imagine and feel the emotional content of the quality of kindness, for example. We can also imagine and feel the qualities of bravery, compassion, justice, and love.

But, also as human beings, there is something inside of us that keeps us from remembering kindness in the moments when we are angry. There is something inside of us that keeps us from knowing forgiveness when we harbor resentment toward someone else. And, to bring it even closer to home, how many times have we all said something like this to ourselves:

"That's it! I'm sick of overeating, I'm going on a diet."

"I want to be healthier. I'm going to start going to the gym every other day."

"I'm tired of wasting money. I'm not buying another new pair of shoes for a year!"

"It's time. Tomorrow I'm finally going to get around to cleaning out the garage."

Once in a while we muster the interior will to carry out these types of resolutions, but most of the time there's just too much effort required to make the life changes we know we should. The minute this interior struggle begins to form, our false self suddenly finds a host of reasons why we can't succeed with our intention.

But that can change! In Secrets of Being Unstoppable you will learn exactly how to awaken a New Will inside of you that is stronger than any thought that would dare hold you back. This New Will is the key to turning all of the utopian thoughts in our minds into actual reality!

Put simply, you'll learn how to
do a lot more and stress a lot less!

Again, we effect this change in ourselves by first looking inward at how our own mind works, because the more productive we can become inwardly, the more our outward productivity naturally increases. As anger, stress, anxiety, fear, and worry live less and less in our heart — clarity, stillness, and a sharp mind become our new and constant companions. The ideas of peace and productivity that seem to oppose each other in the busy exterior world, merge together into an unstoppable energetic force within the understanding of our own higher mind.

But the Unstoppable Life doesn't just spontaneously appear. And it is certainly not born from imitating anyone else! Just as with all higher things in life, awakening to the Greatness, Authentic Success, and Love within you takes knowledge AND action.

Guy Finley's Secrets of Being Unstoppable provides the knowledge — you provide the action!

What if the punishing states of stress and anxiety could be transformed into fuel for success? What if the dark twins of fear and worry could be transformed into the lights of awareness and self-command? Wouldn't it be worth risking everything just to find out how to do it?

Of course it would!

But with this unique offer from not-for-profit Life of Learning Foundation, there's not one bit of risk at all! We stand behind this program with a rock-solid guarantee:

If you are not 100% satisfied with Secrets of Being Unstoppable, you may return it within 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

That's What I Needed to See...
Where Do I Order?

And no one makes a penny
from the sale of this program.

The publisher of Secrets of Being Unstoppable is not-for-profit Life of Learning Foundation. Life of Learning is staffed completely by volunteers like me who don't receive one penny for our work. In fact, no one at the Foundation -- including Guy Finley himself -- receives any money or royalties from the sale of this program!

You can rest assured that this offer is not meant to take anything from you, but is instead intended to give you the knowledge you need to realize your own higher consciousness and in the process participate in the perfection of the world as a whole.

  • "... has given me my life back..."

    Please give my regards to Guy and please thank him. His work has given me my life back and has enabled me a peace and happiness and joy that I have never been able to see before."

    Charlotte V.
    Charlottesville, VA

  • "... hit me like a ton of bricks."

    I just re-listened to your Secrets to Being Unstoppable audio and your lesson hit me like a ton of bricks.

    The last few days you've shone a light on my own dark mind. I have been sabotaging myself my entire life and I didn't even see it. I suspected it but I never really got it - or more importantly, what to do about it.

    Now I do. I know you get notes like this all the time and one more isn't going to make any difference but I had to thank you just the same.

    Eric H.

  • "... beyond anything I could have imagined..."

    The freedom I am experiencing is beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you.

    Keith R.
    Needles, CA

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Now is the time to build a bridge between your present understanding and the unstoppable nature that dwells within you. Use the following link to order Guy Finley's Secrets of Being Unstoppable, and take a giant leap toward the higher life your heart longs for.

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The Three Pillars of Spiritual Power

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Secrets of Higher, Happier Human Relationships

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5 Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless

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The Power to Let Go and Live in the Now

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The Will and the Way to Win in Life

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Freedom to Forgive: the Power to Put the Past Behind You

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Four Steps to Turn Any Problem Into a Pleasant Surprise

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Relax Your Way to a Richer Life

Life-Changing Talk #10
The Eight Great False Responsibilities of Life

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Awaken the Greatness Within

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Attract the Happiness Your Heart Longs For

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Go Beyond Guilt and Regret to Realize a New You

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5 Words to Make You the Master of Your Life

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10 Traits of Spiritually Productive People

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Awaken the Power of Your Supernatural Self

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In this breakthrough program, you will learn to allow the timeless force of balance to strengthen and add new radiance to every area of your life. Imagine being in touch with — and being touched by — the very force at the foundation of life. Think of it! Who needs another set of "building blocks" for success when you can awaken to the Power within yourself where beauty, clarity, and nobility already reside.

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Natural stress and tension keep the earth orbiting the sun. They test and strengthen trees that struggle upward against gravity, wind, and rain. They are the forces that let us build muscle and mental acuity by challenging convention. Stress in its pure form is a constructive force that fuels the evolution of the universe.

However, the stress in our day-to-day lives seems anything but constructive. This unnatural stress stifles the spirit and tires the mind. It is the root of rushing, anxiety, fear, and broken relationships.

In this step-by-step guide, find out how to banish harmful stress from your life forever and discover a new mind inside of you that is:

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And before you can learn how to be different and change your destiny, you first must realize that secret place within yourself where your own future is created — you must consciously enter that place of power where all of your life-choices are made for you: The Now.

It's only what you do right Now that's the seed of personal change. And in the endless beauty and mystery of the Present Moment, this same seed of change is also the seed of your New and Higher Nature.

This 24-page e-pocketbook contains 30 ways you can begin using the opportunities given to you in the Present Moment. Take these special principles and exercises into your day and watch how they transform each challenging life moment into a new and true beginning for you.

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The quality of your life -- for better or worse -- is determined by just one thing: the level of your consciousness.

This 1-hour audio program contains the profound and supremely practical information that can help you enter into the higher understanding that is the foundation of a new life.

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Why is it that Love can transform everything about our lives? It's simple, really: Love is literally the most powerful force in the universe.

Love is the embodiment of all things good, and it effortlessly dismisses all things bad. Love changes negativity into understanding. It melts anger and cancels resentment. It is the fuel of True Success and gatekeeper to Greatness. Love is no less than the key to finding and fulfilling our purpose in life!

In this 30-page e-pocketbook, Guy explains how we can invite this powerful, authentic Love into each and every moment of our lives.

Accelerate your own inner-evolution!

Traveling the road to self-realization and the Unstoppable Life is the single most rewarding journey we can take as human beings. It is nothing less than the true road to success, peace, happiness, love, and total Freedom. So, use the buttons below to order Guy Finley's Secrets of Being Unstoppable along with all the free bonus gifts from Life of Learning Foundation, and take the next step toward the Extraordinary Life waiting to be discovered within you!

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